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Yesterday is a happy day for me. UTM-Hokkaido University-NUS for the collaboration in fundamental science research on unveiling the surface and electronic structure of metal oxide which is still a mystery. The more we know, the more we do not understand. The having fun research. That’s the result of our discussion. Yesterday, we agreed to work together even though I knew them closely for more than 20 years.



Without planned before, I and Assoc. Prof. Andrivo Rusydi (NUS) were keynote speakers for Conference on Innovation in Technology and Engineering Science (CITES) 2018 on November 8, 2018 in Padang, Indonesia and Prof. Bunsho Ohtani at UNNES International Conference on Research Innovation and Commercialization (UICRIC) for the Better Life on November 10, 2018 in Semarang, Indonesia, respectively.

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