The beauty of a university

Richard Feynman, a Physics Nobel laureate, once said that, as a scientist, he enjoys the beauty of flowers with more in-depth than an artist. Artists or ordinary people enjoy and appreciate only the external aesthetic of the flower. As a scientist, he was more to enjoy the beauty of flowers – not just from the outer beauty of a flower – but much more in-depth, such as molecular structure, metabolism, biophysics, and the other scientific aspects.

Based on the above view, as a lecturer and researcher, I can analogize the university as “the flower of Richard Feynman.” The university is not only viewed from just the physical facilities but much more profound – namely the process of education and research in it. This process must be based on ‘scientific culture.’ The university should consider and implement this process to become a respected university. There are no points of scientific publications, patents, and the medals obtained from the exhibition if they were only showing ‘the external beauty’ of the university. It just like a flower that is only enjoyed by ordinary people who do not understand the intrinsic beauty of the flowers, as claimed by Richard Feynman.

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