The beauty of a university

Richard Feynman, a Physics Nobel laureate once said that, as a scientist, he enjoys the beauty of flowers with more in-depth than an artist. Artist or ordinary people just enjoy and appreciate only the external aesthetic of flower. As a scientist he was more to enjoy the beauty of flowers – not just from the external beauty of flower – but much deeper, such as molecular structure, metabolism, biophysics and the other scientific aspects.

Based on the above view, as a lecturer and researcher, I can analogize the university as “the flower of Richard Feynman”. The university is not only viewed from just the physical facilities, but much deeper – namely the process of education and research in it. This process must be based on the ‘scientific culture’. The university should consider and implement this process in order to become a respected university. There are no points of scientific publications, patents and the medals obtained from the exhibition if they only showing ‘the external beauty’ of the university – just like a flower that is only enjoyed by ordinary people who do not understand the internal beauty of the flowers, as claimed by Richard Feynman.