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What are you looking for in your career?

If you are a lecturer, of course, your ultimate goal is to get a professorship. If you’re a politician, certainly your goal is to become a leader; minister, president or prime minister.

Based on the above two terms; lecturer and politician, I created a new term called lecturer politician. This term is created in order to describe someone who has no intention to become an educator, albeit he is a lecturer. The lecturer politicians use their academic status (lecturer, associate professor or professor) as a vehicle in the pursuit of power, like a politician does. Their intention is not to be a good teacher and researcher, but to seek power and fame. Are these wrong intentions? The answer is actually no because everyone is free to dream about what they want to be in their future life. Usually, a lecturer politician is not interested in teaching.

I once read somewhere, that teaching and research are multiplicative, and not additive, factors in one’s stature as a scientist. This means that you are zero as a scientist if you cannot teach. Of course, it also means that you are zero as a scientist if you do not do research. Based on this consideration, a lecturer politician is not a scientist. Usually, they are just a “clever scholar” who merely quotes an opinion or ideas of other scholars. So, what is the contribution of lecturer politicians in the academic world?

This page was inspired by the real existing people called the lecturer politicians, but none of these descriptions refer to one single existing person. With the existence of people like this, one argues that there is must be something wrong with our university system, for example, academic promotion without considering the actual academic achievement.

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Hadi Nur

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