On statistically illiterate – Journal Impact factors


Professor Stephen Curry, a Professor of Structural Biology at Imperial College, London on “journal impact factors”:

“If you include journal impact factors in the list of publications in your cv, you are statistically illiterate.”

“If you are judging grant or promotion applications and find yourself scanning the applicant’s publications, checking off the impact factors, you are statistically illiterate.”

“If you publish a journal that trumpets its impact factor in adverts or emails, you are statistically illiterate. (If you trumpet that impact factor to three decimal places, there is little hope for you.)”

“If you see someone else using impact factors and make no attempt at correction, you connive at statistical illiteracy.”

Please read his writing entitled “Sick of Impact Factors” in his blog.

Note: Thank you Professor Stephen Curry for having warned me not to play with numbers and ignore the essence of scientific publications. So, the best way to evaluate the importance of a research article: read the paper (not based on its impact factor).

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