Scientific research is enjoyable

Eleven years ago (2000), when I was a postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Bunsho Ohtani laboratory at Hokkaido University, I read the introduction of the book authored by Prof. Akira Fujishima, a very famous scientist in the field of photocatalysis about his view and experience on enjoyable scientific research. Until now, I am very impressed with the sentences written in the introduction of the book. Prof. Fujishima has written in his book as follows:

ti1Scientific research is enjoyable. Of course it seems difficult when progress is slow and there are no results of our efforts. Serious mistakes can be made through lack of consideration. However, the joy that comes from making a new, unexpected discovery can not be compared with any other. It is like climbing along, steep mountain path: as you finally reach the top, the clouds part, and you are greatly moved by the spectacular landscape that appears before you. Furthermore, the suffering of not being able to explain the results of an experiment on the basis of past experience and the joy of finally being able to solve the problem by coming up with a new idea are just like mountain climbing.

So, the question is, if you are a scientist, have you seen the beautiful panorama from the top of the mountain which we struggled to climb?

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