Thief shouting thief

Thief shouting thief. This term describes a hypocrite. Recently I found an article about this in

This is a case of plagiarism by an Indonesian professor. Embarrassingly, this case was found in the university, an educational institution.

Based on the above case, the following questions arise: Why plagiarism was more pronounced in the field of social science? Why are there no original opinions presented by the local scholars? The answer is the local scholars never do original research. Most of the literature on Indonesia is written by scholars from the west. Please browse the ‘google scholar‘ in order to prove this statement. Many of the social science scholars in Indonesia are only cleverly quoting the opinions of others, especially from the opinion of western scholars.

In general, there are three things that motivate people to perform plagiarism and scientific fraud:

  • The pressure to achieve a good career.
  • Trying to answer the research questions effortlessly without needed to perform any experiments in the laboratory.
  • Working in the field where the experiment has not always been reproducible. This may explain why scientific fraud occurs frequently in biological and biomedical fields because it is difficult to get data that can be reproducible because, in this area, the experiment results depend on many factors which are difficult to control.
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