Assessment of my teaching by students

What is the feeling of having successfully managed teaching? Surely the answer is excited. I felt this feeling when I saw my assessment of my teaching last semester (Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy – SSC2463). This assessment was made by the students. The following is my score.

Overall Achievement Statistics:
Min of my score: 4.64335
Min score of faculty: 4.39
Min score of university: 4.35
My rank in UTM: P5

P1: Rank <= 20%
P2: 20% <rank <= 40%
P3: 40% <rank <= 60%
P4: 60% <rank 80%

Below are the comments from my students:
1. best belajar dengan Dr Hadi
2. Dr Hadi Nur baik…
3. bagus naikkan gaji naikkan pangkat
4. sila naikkan gaji pensyarah ini

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