Jokowi: start with impactful small things and consistent

616358459Why is Jokowi so phenomenally popular in Indonesia? Is it excellent? Or just as a propaganda product by the news media? The following is my opinion.

It is not easy to promote a figure to be famous like Jokowi through the project propaganda by the mass media. It will not work if the propaganda project is not following what is preached or propagated. Society is not stupid.

Why do people highlight Jokowi? This because he is doing something. Although he did a little bit of action, it brings tremendous impact. Even though something is done by Jowoki, not very significant, but he’s doing impactful small things and consistent. Society sees him as someone who makes changes that are not seen in other figures.

Well, now is the time for the presidential election campaign in Indonesia. People are already sick of hearing rhetoric statements from presidential candidates who seem smart and intelligent but do not do something real.