Everyone’s life is always played by hopes that never come true. Fine arts and mechanical engineering were my interests in the past, but eventually, I became a chemistry professor. I want to work in my own country, but eventually, more than 50% of my life is spent abroad. Previously, I also dreamed of becoming a diplomat, but in the end, I was entrusted with being an administrator at a university that manages foreign cooperation and research centers. There are so many hopes that do not come true but end up in things that were never expected before.

Like the laws of thermodynamics in chemical reactions, there is the spontaneous and nonspontaneous energies in life. Some happen, and some need the struggle to get past the energy barrier.

I realized that nothing is a coincidence in life. Allah Almighty has determined everything. We need to strive to live by following the conditions set by Him and always ask Him so that everyone will be pleased with Him.

The last hope, may the infinite (eternal) life in the afterlife, is a good life.

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Hadi Nur

This blog is mainly written for my own purposes. There has never been any claim that this is an original work.