Inaugurasi PPI UTM 2020/2021

As an advisor, I am very proud of the achievements of the Indonesian Student Association (or in short form, we called PPI – Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia) achievements so far. I know that, currently, PPI is the most active student organization in UTM. Since I came to UTM in 1995, PPI has grown rapidly because the number of Indonesian students at UTM continues to increase. In 1995, the number of Indonesian students at UTM was less than ten people. From the 1990s to 2010, Indonesian students at UTM were dominated by postgraduate students. Now the number of undergraduate students dominates. The number of Indonesian students at UTM is nearly 600 students. This is a considerably large number. Therefore the role of PPI is very much needed in supporting the education process at UTM.

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Hadi Nur

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