Demons rob intentions

Intentions are the key to happiness. The intention is our determination to achieve something. In life, we need a purpose—something that we want it or targeted. People who run slow but have goals in life are far better than people who run fast but have no goals in life. There needs preparation to achieve goals. With proper preparation, for good intentions, God willing, the goal will be made. We will feel happy if our desires are achieved. So the conclusion is, happiness will not exist if people do not have goals.

Intentions need to be managed and guarded well for good purposes. Like an architect in making a building, we need to imagine what the results of the plan. However, good intentions will not always work well because, in the middle of the journey, the devil robbed it.

An example is shodaqoh sirri, the charity which is performed without the knowledge of others—performed secretly so that this charity is accepted by Allah SWT because of sincerity. This intention needs to be properly guarded to be approved by Allah SWT. But the devil is never silent to deflect this intention. Devil can distort this intention by tempting us to bring up our goodness to others. Good intentions are no longer good deeds. We are no longer sincere people. We need to guard and always be aware so that the devil does not cancel the goodness.

In this month of Ramadan, I advise myself not to show off or bring up the goodness. It is quite challenging to do in an open age with a variety of facilities to show off that is available on social media. We must guard ourselves against the temptations of cursed demons!

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Hadi Nur

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