Avoid toxic people

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There are toxic people about — in all walks of life and everywhere. They act out the victim, bully, perfectionist or martyr. They may be psychotic. Their effect on any healthy growth mindset can be hugely damaging.

  • Distance yourself from toxic people.
  • Seek help and support.
  • It’s easy to say it’s all the other person’s fault, but there are two sides to every coin. Are you contributing to the toxic behaviour?
  • Are you being pulled into a downward emotional spiral? Be positive and remove yourself from this person’s influence.
  • Chances are you aren’t going to change this person, so your best bet is to focus on what you can control. That may mean leaving.
  • Toxic people in any scenario can spread negativity like wildfire. The more positive you are, the better.

Reference: 100 Great Mindset Changing Ideas Paperback – February 5, 2019
by Simon Maier

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