MJFAS is promoting the Malay language as a language of science, mathematics, and technology

URL: https://mjfas.utm.my

In line with the incorporation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0) in our life, starting in Vol 15, No 2 (2019), if the author(s) is interested, Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences (MJFAS) is now accepting submission of the manuscript together with a short explanation video. The manuscript and video must be submitted at the same time.

We will accept the following video file formats: MOV, MP4, MPG, AVI. The video must have a representative introduction, results and discussion sections, and must have voice-over describing the results being shown. The video must have a concluding statement after the results section. This section must have both audio and video. The video must have a title card at the beginning. The title card should include the authors’ names and their affiliations. Explanation videos are short and very straightforward (no longer than 5 minutes on average). MJFAS is also promoting the Malay language as a language of science, mathematics, and technology.

The video will not be published until meeting our guidelines. The video will appear in MJFAS youtube channel:

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