Mengajar yang terbaik

Walaupun saya sudah mengajar sejak tahun 2003 di UTM, tulisan Prof. Richard Feynman (Penerima hadiah Nobel dalam bidang Fisika tahun 1965) ini perlu diperhatikan. Dalam bukunya yang berjudul “The Pleasure of Finding Things Out” Richard Feynman ditanyai bagaimana cara mengajar yang baik. Coba perhatikan kalimat yang ditandai dengan huruf tebal. Richard Feynman mengatakan “Teori saya adalah bahwa cara terbaik untuk mengajar adalah dengan tidak menggunakan filosofi, dalam arti bahwa Anda perlu menggunakan setiap cara yang mungkin dan terbaik untuk melakukannya.

All those students are in the class: Now you ask me how should I best teach them? Should I teach them from the point of view of the history of science, from the applications? My theory is that the best way to teach is to have no philosophy, [it] is to be chaotic and [to] confuse it in the sense that you use every possible way of doing it. That’s the only way I can see to answer it, so as to catch this guy or that guy on different hooks as you go along, [so] that during the time when the fellow who’s interested in history’s being bored by the abstract mathematics, on the other hand the fellow who likes the abstractions is being bored another time by the history—if you can do it so you don’t bore them all, all the time, perhaps you’re better off. I really don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to answer this question of different kinds of minds with different kinds of interests—what hooks them on, what makes them interested, how you direct them to become interested. One way is by a kind of force, you have to pass this course, you have to take this examination. It’s a very effective way. Many people go through schools that way and it may be a more effective way. I’m sorry, after many, many years of trying to teach and trying all different kinds of methods, I really don’t know how to do it.

Saya setuju dengan Richard Feynman, kadang-kadang kita terlalu disibukkan dengan hal-hal tidak berkaitan dengan tujuan pengajaran. Kita lupa tujuan dari mengajar. Kita lupa bahwa mahasiswa perlu mengerti dan menghayati bahan ajar. Please back to basics!


The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: The Best Short Works of Richard Feynman“, Richard Feynman and Jeffrey Robbins (Editor), page 20.

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