Honeybee culture in scientific research

In the Qur’an there are two surahs that tell about animals and can be linked to the research culture namely the culture of the ant (Surah Al-Namal) and honeybee culture (Surah Al-Nahl).

Ants have a greedy culture. Ants collect food in large quantities than their needs and for long periods of time, and they simply accumulate without cultivating and utilizing it.

Unlike the ants, honeybees seek food from flowers and cultivate them for honey which is very useful. Honeybees are very disciplined and work diligently and solve problems using very democratic ways.

So, do not imitate the greedy nature of ants, this is the same as collects research results just for publications without any benefit for humankind, and just for the purposes of prestige or bibliometric and bibliographic indicators.

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Hadi Nur

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