Educate your students to become intellectual and independent

I am a lecturer. Sometimes, I saw many of my colleagues who works as a lecturer forget that as educators, they need to know that the character of each student is not the same. A unique individual. They are different because they come from the different backgrounds. We forget that we need to respect and appreciate the uniqueness of the individual, and strive to explore the personality of the individual so that they can excel. We need to create an environment that promotes personal value and uniqueness, respect, honesty, independence, involvement, and expectations. We need to teach our students to become independent.

Sometimes, due to the purpose to generate the numbers, such as the impact factor, h-index, the promotion, all for the short-term goal, we sacrifice long-term goals in educating people. Please educate our students to become independent, creative and have moral integrity. Do not make the student as an object that is used not to make them become intellectual, but for the superficial success, that is only beneficial for the lecturers and the prestige of the university.

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