Simposium Muafakat Minang [26-27 April 2014]

Simposium Muafakat Minang organized by Pusat Kajian Alam Bina Dunia Melayu (KALAM), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Pusat Kajian Alam Warisan Negeri Sembilan (KAWANS), Politeknik Port Dickson, Consulate General Republic of Indonesia, Institut Sains dan Teknologi Nasional, Jakarta, Universitas Bung Hatta, Lembaga Muzium Negeri Sembilan dan Pertubuhan Ikatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Minangkabau has been taken placed in the Politeknik Port Dickson for two days from 26 to 27 April 2104.

The speakers are Minang figures from Indonesia and Malaysia, which are Prof. Dr. Taufik Abdullah, Dr. Mochtar Naim, Dato’ Ghazali Yusoff, and Dr. Eko Alvares. Below is a photo of the dinner with the speakers before the symposium; Prof. Dr. Taufik Abdullah (number 3 from the left), Dr. Mochtar Naim (number 5 from the right), Dato’ Ghazali Yusoff (number 4 from the right), and Dr. Eko Alvares (number 3 from the right).

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