I really like to laugh

This very short article is about how to achieve short-term excitement with humour.

Humour is a necessary and important. It is a gift from God that should be utilised by humans. To my knowledge, the animals do not have a sense of humour. In this highly competitive world, humour can be a mechanism to relieve stress.

Tonight, I read and heard a lot of bad news; Low salaries of lecturers in Indonesia, floods in Jakarta and politics in Malaysia and Indonesia. It cannot be denied, news like this colouring our feelings. What emerges are empathy and anger. The mass media can indeed play the feelings and way of our thinking. This is the power of the media.

With humour, we can laugh at ourselves. Laugh at our stupidity and mistake. With humour, we can reduce the psychology effect cause by the problems’ encounter in our daily life. I really like to laugh. This is the best mechanism to achieve short-term excitement. In my opinion, in a broader perspective, humour is associated with wisdom, the quality of being wise.

“Always laugh when you can: it is a cheap medicine.” Lord Byron.

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Hadi Nur

An ordinary man living in Johor Bahru, Malaysia who likes to write anything. This is table of content of my blog posts.

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