Remembering the movie “Music Box”, starring Jessica Lange


This article was written to respond to the breaking news about the corruption involving the leader of the major political party in Indonesia, and also for those who blindly support and defend their leader without knowing for sure whether the leader is guilty or innocent of corruption charges. It reminds me to Music Box (1989) movie directed by Costa-Gavras with the main cast are Jessica Lange, Armin Mueller-Stahl and Frederic Forrest. This movie was the story of a Hungarian-American immigrant, Michael J. Laszlo, who was accused of being a war criminal. The plot of the story was about the daughter, Anne Talbot, a lawyer, who defended her father in court. She believed that her father was innocent. Michael J. Laszlo accused in war crimes committed during World War II. The father had to hide his involvement in the pro-Nazi Hungarian and the murder. As a reliable lawyer, Anne Talbot successfully defended her father in court. However, a great disappointment came when she found a set of photos in the “Music Box” which saw her father was actually involved in torturing and killing Jews.

Moral lessons learned from this movie and news about the corruption charges involving the leader of the major political party in Indonesia: “The blindly trust to the leader, or to anything else, will kill you”.

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