Media – The second God

Although Tony Schwartz‘s book was published 28 years ago, in my opinion, is still relevant to the present situation where the media plays an extremely important and very crucial in the social life of human. The social media like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter greatly affected the social life of modern human today.

“Who controls the media, he will rule the world”, in my opinion, is a correct statement. It means that, as intelligent human beings, we must be very clever to choose which information from the media is important, useful and honest.

Sometimes the intention of news is not to educate but to propaganda, directing public opinion and also aims to power. For the latter, clearly that the media used for the game of political power. Politicians need popularity, and the media is a tool for them. The news lies and nonsense. Sometimes just exaggerating things that actually do not need to be reported. Exaggerate the achievements that are not achievements. This phenomenon is also found in the academic world, in universities, which should be honest and wise. Therefore, common sense alone is not sufficient to absorb the news, the wisdom to see the context of the news is also required.

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Hadi Nur

An ordinary man living in Johor Bahru, Malaysia who likes to write anything. This is table of content of my blog posts.

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