Other activities in early 2012

The following photos were taken with my pocket camera (proved that I was involved in the event).

[13 January 2012] Cooperation between UTM with Center for Quranic Studies (Pusat Studi Al-Quran – PSQ), Jakarta, Indonesia. The Director of PSQ, Prof. M. Quraish Shihab, also delivered a talk in front of students and the academic staff of UTM.

[13 January 2012] Visits from Lehigh University, USA. The delegation of Lehigh University is Prof. Mohamed El-Aasser (Vice President for International Affairs), Prof. Helen Chan, Ms. Debra Hartzell Nyby, Prof. Jack Lule, Prof. Anne Meltzer and Mr. Matthew Mattern. After visiting and discussing with researchers at several faculties and research centers, delegates from Lehigh University have done the afternoon meeting with representatives from UTM, led by Prof. Dr. Marzuki Khalid. This is the last day of Prof. Marzuki serving as Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation at UTM.

[18 January 2012] Visits from Universitas Sriwijaya, Indonesia. The delegation of Universitas Sriwijaya is led by Prof. Zulkafli Dahlan (Vice Rector for Academic). Also accompany Prof. Zulkafli are Dr. Anis Saggaf, Dr. Muhammad Irfan Jambak, Dr. M. Faisal and Drs. Magah Mulya.

[20-22 January 2012] Strategic planning workshop of Nanotechnology Research Alliance at Mahkota Hotel, Melaka.

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