My duty as a reviewer of various journals

Explosion of information has occurred in recent years. Therefore, good information from high quality scientific researches is needed. These pictures show my duty as a reviewer of various journals to maintain the quality of information and research produced.

Currently I am a reviewer of the following journals:
– Applied Catalysis: A General (Elsevier B.V.)
– Catalysis Communications (Elsevier B.V.)
– Chemical Engineering Journal (Elsevier B.V.)
– Chemical Papers (Springer-Verlag GmbH)
– Colloid and Polymer Science (Springer-Verlag GmbH)
– Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology (Elsevier B.V.)
– Materials Research Bulletin (Elsevier B.V.)
– Materials Chemistry and Physics (Elsevier B.V.)
– Catalysis Letters (Springer-Verlag GmbH)
– Applied Surface Science (Elsevier B.V.)
– Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters (Springer-Verlag GmbH)
– African Journal Pure and Applied Chemistry

[Click on photos to enlarge]

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Hadi Nur

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