The mentality of professors

Assistant professor, associate professor and professor are teachers. So, the main aim of being a professor is to be a champion in the field of teaching and, of course, research. To me, this is the main task and the core business of a professor. I will be happy if I can manage to educate students who originally come with low academic record to be successful in the academic world. This is the challenge. This is a satisfaction as an educator.

I am sad to see students with low academic record who actually have the intention and spirit to continue their study can not be accepted as MSc or PhD students by most of the professors. This is because these professors assume that students can not contribute to their prestige as a professor.

So, what is the purpose to be a professor?

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Hadi Nur

An ordinary man living in Johor Bahru, Malaysia who likes to write anything. This is table of content of my blog posts.

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