“Galia” = intelligent adaptation

The man who speaks Minangkabau language fluently will understand what is meant by “Galia”. “Galia” can be interpreted as a sly but with a positive meaning. Positive in the sense of clever in exploiting the situation around him. “Galia” people are very good at adapting to their environment. Therefore, this could explain why many Minang traders can successfully survive overseas with this “galia” principle. I found many successful Minang traders in Malaysia. If you go to Kuala Lumpur, please stop at Raja Alang street. You will find the Minang traders along this street.

“Different countries, different culture”. This principle must be applied if you want to survive living overseas, especially in the country has different culture and religion. Something that we think is right, maybe not necessarily right for others. “Appreciating pluralism” and “intelligent adaptation” are maybe the right terms to describe this situation.

In conclusion, “Galia” or intelligent adaptation is essential for life in our society.

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Hadi Nur

An ordinary man is living in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, who likes to write anything. Here, the table of content of my blog posts and search what you are looking for here.

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