Easy reading books

Why does so many people read and apply the messages contained in the book written by Karl Marx in their way of life? One of the possible answers is that the book gives cultural and philosophical impact to the way of life of many people. That is why a book written by Karl Marx is very much appreciated, even some people leveled this book as high as a Scripture. However, this type of book is sometimes very difficult to understand.

This does not apply to books that do not have a high originality. Usually these books can be categorized as easy reading books. Many easy reading books can be easily recognized, especially for the books written in Malay, because it just cleverly quoting and/or translating other people’s opinions (from book written by scholars from the west). I’ve read such book published recently by a Malaysian scholar. Although this book have many references, I do not find the original thoughts or ideas set forth in this book. Ordinary people may be amazed by the breadth of reading and the many sources of theories of social science cited in this book. Actually, what is the contribution of this book in scientific literature?

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