To be a lecturer: What is the aim?

I have asked a question to a close friend: “Why do you want to be a lecturer?” His reply: “I want to be a rector”. His aim may be correct because rector is the highest position in a University. But, if we see with another perspective, the answer could have deviated from the main aim of to be a lecturer, because the main job and aim of a lecturer is teaching. I still remember when I was a student at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Prof. Wiranto Arismunandar, a former rector of ITB, although he was busy as a minister of higher education in Indonesia, he still devoted to teaching. This could apply to Prof. Emil Salim, a former minister in Suharto’s cabinet, which also a professor in Universitas Indonesia (UI). We must enquire to ourselves (including my self), that our aim to be a lecturer in university is to teach and to do research.

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Hadi Nur

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