Be honest with yourself – Do not oversell

This article is to remind us that sometimes we are not honest with ourselves. Sometimes the “overselling” happen – selling something cheap or worthless. This often occurs when we exaggerate the achievements we have accomplished. Why is overselling found not only at sidewalks drug sellers but also in highly educated people? There are several reasons.

The first reason is that there is a feeling inferior. This feeling causes people to exaggerate and “oversell” their achievements, which sometimes is not remarkable.

Secondly, perhaps because of very high confidence, he thinks he is the most beautiful, clever and knows everything.

Thirdly because the person misunderstood his abilities so that he misjudged himself and the situation around him.

One piece of advice is: Be honest with yourself and humble – Do not oversell. Overselling attitude will harm us because eventually, people will judge us by our words and actions.