Scholarly work

I believe that the advancement of science and innovation can be accelerated faster if information can be shared freely among scholars, scientists, and a broader community. All my publications can be downloaded through the link below. I uploaded my articles (in PDF format) to Google Drive.

A short note on research and publications

It’s been more than 20 years since I have been in scientific research. Many research results have been produced in the form of scientific publications. However, it should be asked whether the result of the study is useful or not? I need to do a self-introspection.

According to the teachings of Islam that I believe in, for the research to give the benefit, the study should begin with good intentions. The intention of doing research is the same as the search for knowledge. We are seeking the truth. The best purpose is to achieve a noble character and beneficial to humanity. We’re taught that we do not intend to seek knowledge for the pursuit of wealth and popularity.

Interesting and important reading materials

Over time, the need to read papers, books, opinions and research reports has increased. Below are the materials I have collected that I find interesting and important to read.

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