Towards meaningful education

Walking alone on a straight path,
Sure steps, the heart of a professor.
No fear, even without a guide,
Strong conviction, like a rocky shore at the harbor.

People pass by, indifferent to the direction,
Trapped in a worldly system, education without meaning.
They're lost in the wrong maze,
Distracted and enchanted, forgetting their true purpose.

Indeed, the education system tends to deviate,
From its noble purpose, becoming a realm of deceit.
Many people run, seeking their way back home,
But they get lost in a system that needs fixing.

However, the professor walks with confidence,
Treading the right path, even alone in this adventure.
They believe that someone will awaken and join them,
Insha Allah, enlightenment will emerge amidst the darkness.

Walking alone is not a curse,
But a brave choice by an experienced professor.
A true leader isn't afraid to walk alone,
They know that the light of truth will always accompany them.

Walking alone towards the right direction,
That's the conviction of an experienced professor.
Even though the education system deviates from its original purpose,
Insha Allah, there will be those who awaken and return to the right path.

Walking alone, but never truly alone,
Because there is faith, there is the light of enlightenment.
They know that one day, others will follow,
Insha Allah, the world of education will return to the right path.

- Hadi Nur (a professor)
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