Why I reject papers in journals?

As a reviewer in several journals in the field of Catalysis, I have recommended rejecting nearly 80% of manuscripts (of about 30 papers), which were sent to me by the editors in the last two years. Most of the documents submitted were from universities in China. I do not know if this is a coincidence or because so many manuscripts were submitted from the Chinese university. However, I also found that the quality of some papers submitted from leading universities in Europe was low.

The following are the reasons why I do not accept manuscripts for publication:

  • Originality. Usually, in a paper that is not original, the results are straightforward to predict.
  • Speculation. Discussion and conclusion are not supported by the complete set of accurate data. Because of that, the jump into the conclusion statement was found in the manuscript.
  • Logic. The analytical technique used is not appropriate, nor logic in analyzing the data.
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Hadi Nur

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