Blog yang tidak terurus karena kesibukan

Mungkin sudah dua tahun blog ini jarang di-update karena sibuk. Apalagi setelah diserahi tugas menjadi direktur Centre for Sustainable Nanomaterials di UTM sejak setahun yang lalu. Saya akan update blog ini menggunakan platform karena alasan praktikal. Perkara remeh-temeh mungkin akan masuk dalam blog ini.

Oh ya, dua hari yang lalu baru pulang dari kampus UTM di Kuala Lumpur mempersiapkan I’M Research Consortium, Indonesia UTM Alumni Night dan juga RAFSS 2016. Ini poster yang saya buat untuk acara tersebut.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 6.24.18 PM.png

Ini tempat acaranya di kampus UTM Kuala Lumpur.



Realism, Idealism, Desire Culture and Sharing Culture

Last month, I was invited to give a talk on research and publication in one of the research centers at my university. A young lecturer asked me, what should I do as a lecturer with the pressure to meet the requirement of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) without forgetting the idealism? In the lecture, I explained the actual duties of a lecturer. The main tasks of a lecturer are to teach and doing research. By looking at the current world and the university today, we need to see it as a balance between realism and idealism. Realism forces us to play the numbers game in the scientific publications and the other numbers set by the ranking system. This is the reality. But, we must have idealism. We must realize that the real task of a university is to produce a good quality of graduate from every aspect, especially in attitude and morale. The chart below can be used as a guideline. In reality, in our young age, we need to survive to compete with others to succeed and achieve our goal. You need to have the essential knowledge to survive in nature. Be struggle and working hard. Sometimes we get selfish to fulfill “KPI” (Key Performance Indicator). That is the reality. But, you do not always follow “KPI”’s line. With an increase in your age, you should also be aware that you need to think about your contributions to others and society, the environment and humanity. You must follow the blue line. That’s called “wisdom”. This emphasizes on the intellectual and morale. You must change the “desire culture” to “sharing culture”.

How to find the original Flickr Photo URL and User from a Static Flickr Image URL/Permalink

How to find the original Flickr Photo URL and User from a Static Flickr Image URL/Permalink (My priceless Flickr Tip)

Got a link like and want to find out which user posted it, more images by that user, see the full-size version, etc? Seek no longer, the answer is very simple!

The image we found

From the URL you’ve got take extract the image name (5720492675_c43bb0ae35.jpg) and split it on the underscore. The first part is the photoID, the second part is the hash/salt and (if there) the third part the size (Full format: photoId_hash_size.jpg).

Now append that photoId to and *MAGIC* there you have it, the Original Flickr Photo URL (and the user) 🙂 The example above would be transformed to