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Currently, I am the editor of various scientific journals. One of them is the editor of Frontiers in Chemistry, which in my opinion as a researcher in Malaysia, its article processing charge (APC) is very expensive, which is US$ 2,950 or around RM 12 thousand (Malaysian Ringgit) or Rp 42 million (Indonesian Rupiah). As an editor and also a reviewer, I am not paid. Under these conditions, I believe that researchers from developing countries will definitely not be able to pay for this article processing charge. As we know, the trend for paid journals is increasing from year to year.

Professor Walter Noll‘s proposal regarding the future of scientific publications is interesting. It may be considered by decision-makers at the university and national level to spur the development of science and technology and escape from the trap of capitalization of knowledge through scientific publications that it is getting more and more expensive — and cannot be afforded by (poor) researchers from developing countries.

I am nobody who can change the scientific publication system that has been built like the current system. However, I try to implement Professor Walter’s proposal by putting all my publications on this website so that everyone can access them free of charge.

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